• Alvaro Sarysse

    Alvaro Sarysse

    A learned man of mercantile upbringing and Chessentan descent, trained in upholding the sanctity of the mind.
  • Briven Laurenz

    Briven Laurenz

    Naturalist and explorer from the (must check notes), he is also accomplished in the shaping of magic.
  • Kang (Bayushi Kangashita)

    Kang (Bayushi Kangashita)

    Mysterious and practiced in deception, Kang is an agent of the distant Scorpion Clan of far off Rokugan.
  • Raven'Kethry


    Magically touched wanderer of the sorcery-fearing Shin'a'nin horse people, Raven is an exemplar of the traits of her namesake clan.
  • SemHemKet-Ur


    A champion of Mystra, Lady of Mysteries, Sememkhet is of the only recently allowed church of Mystra in the land of Mulhorand, dedicated to the preservation of magic in all forms.
  • Tuxn Thunderfoil

    Tuxn Thunderfoil

    Shield dwarf wanderer, Tuxn ascribes everything in life to luck, both his, and that of the twin goddesses he worships.