A former weasel familiar, Nix is a talented scout, passable healer and herbalist, and dangerous alchemist.



Tiny Magical Beast Male Weasel Ethos Twilight
Role Magical Beast 6 Virtue Optimistic
Culture WEASEL Vice Impulsive
Origin Thay Conviction 1
Religion Mystra Core Ability Avoid Death
Stat Value Stat Value Stat Value
Str -4 Wis +1 Speed X (XX’)
Dex +3 Cha -3 Climb X (XX’)
Con 0 Luck +5 Swim X (XX’)
Int -1 Rep 0 Fly X
Combat Bonus Defense Bonus Save Bonus
Base +4 Dodge +11 Fortitude +5
Initiative +9 Parry +0 Reflex +9
Melee +11 Feint +5 Will +3
Ranged +11 Intimidate +7 Toughness +2
CMB -4 - W/ Armor +9
Power X - Terror +3
Attack Dmg Crit Range Special
Bite 0 20/+2 Attach (Ex): Auto critical hit each round after successful attack
Type Feat Target
Racial: Scent
Racial: Night Vision
Cultural: Weasel Skills +8 Sneak; +8 Acrobatics; Uses Dex for Athletics
Level 1: Evasion
Level 1: Improved Evasion
Level 1: Defensive Roll
Level 1: Defensive Roll
Level 2: Deflect Arrows
Level 3: Slow Fall
Level 4: Defensive Roll
Level 5: XXX
Level 6: XXX
Skill Total Ranks Skill Total Ranks
Acrobatics +14 X Escape Artist X X
Appraise X X Fly X X
Athletics +12 X Gather Info X X
Awareness +6 X Handle Animal +2 X
Bluff X X Heal +8 X
Command Item X X Intimidate X X
Concentration +4 X K-Arcana +1 X
Craft: Alchemy +4 X Profession: Herbalist +6 X
Craft: Weaponsmith +4 X Research X X
Craft: Gem Cutter +4 X Ride X X
Craft: Tatoo +4 X Sense Motive X X
Decipher Script X X Sleight of Hand X X
Diplomacy X X Sneak +14 X
Disable Device X X Survival X X
Disguise X X Swim +1 X

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