Whether a monastery, an oracular temple, or sylvan retreat, a contemplative culture has removed itself from broader society in order to better perceive the mysteries of the world. The social bond of a contemplative community is often defined by a limited set of strong (if not absolute) behavioral restrictions that set its members apart from the outside world. This does not necessarily imply a “puritan” mindset; the isolated society may be quite flexible apart from its defining codes. Contemplatives naturally gravitate to research, meditation, and/or worship, although the form varies widely by race and sect. They seek consensus and community harmony, and may react poorly to confrontation, or sweep issues under the rug for the sake of peace. Their strong value system promotes reliability and self-discipline, but contemplatives often lack experience with social diversity.

  • Bonus Skill: Concentration; Heal or Research or Knowledge
  • Bonus Feat (PICK ONE): Great Save (Will), Mentor, Skill Focus (Concentration or Research)
  • Favored Feats: Mind Over Body, Ritualist, Favored Opponent, Master Plan

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