Half Elven


The offspring of a human and an elf parent, half-elves exist between both cultures. Some feel alienated, while others feel welcome in both worlds. Half-elves combine some of the refinement of elves with the hardiness and adaptability of humans.

  • Attribute adjustments: Attribute Max of +4 at character creation; +1 Bonus Attribute point during character creation.
  • Language: Human Dialect, Elven, Common
  • Size: Medium (Speed 6)
  • Bonus Skill: Awareness, Sense Motive
  • Bonus Feats: Night Vision; Talented (Diplomacy & Gather Information) or Talented (Awareness & Survival)
  • Favored Feats: Choose any two feats as the character’s favored feats. Half-Elven characters also gain access to any Human or Elf Feats from the Racial Feat list.

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Half Elven

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