The default racial background for most basic uses of WTF20, humans are the baseline. Most games of most genres will include humans as one of the major, or at least prevalent, races. Of all the racial backgrounds presented, they are the most benefitted by the separate culture background option.

  • Attribute adjustments: Attribute Max of +4 at character creation; None.
  • Language: Cultural Dialect, Common
  • Size: Medium (Speed 6)
  • Bonus Feat: Humans may choose either Talented (with skills of choice) OR Conviction; and may choose any one additional feat from the General or Human feat lists.
  • Bonus Skill: Humans choose two bonus skills, in addition to those gained for the hero’s role and Intelligence score.
  • Favored Feats: Choose any two restricted feats as the character’s favored feats. Human characters also gain access to any Human Feats from the Racial Feat list.

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