Luck Goddesses

The “Daughters” of Tyche

Long ago, before the Dawn Cataclysm, there was but one Goddess of Luck, beneficent and capricious, adventurous and vindictive….Tyche.

What happened to change her, few know, and less speak of. But in her wake she who was one became two, Tymora, Goddess of Luck and Chance, and her dark sister Beshaba, Goddess of Misfortune and Calamity.

Most good folk of Faerun are wary of both, since they are both somewhat fickle. Given their druthers, most would call on Tymora, and speak Beshaba’s name only in the most dire of circumstances to appease her, since attracting her attention in any way can bring disaster.

Some dedicate themselves to one or the other, though few openly follow Black Bess, and those who do are unwelcome in most places, fair or foul.

Some rare few still see the two halves of Tyche, one aspect of the universe embodied in the two daughter goddesses. Such individuals are to be feared, or perhaps appeased, none can be too sure of their intentions.

Luck Goddesses

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