The Shin’a’nin Horseclans dwell upon the vast plains of the Shaar in the far south of Faerun. Extraordinary horse breeders, and mounted skirmishers, the Shin’a’nin are insular as a society, and limit their trade and interaction with other cultures to certain clans. That trade is primarily in gelded horses, in order that their buyers cannot steal the bloodlines of the Shin’a’nin steeds.

Distrustful of foreign magicks and black sorcery, the Shin’a’nin are wary of its use and its ability to taint their people. Even those clans which deal with outsiders are sometimes treated distantly by the rest of the Shin’a’nin due to their proximity to “outsider sorcery”.

The Shin’a’nin Horseclans are a non-canon society added to the standard Faerunian region known as The Shaar.

Shin’a’nin cultural backgrounds used in The Travelers On The Path currently include:

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