Exiles, missionaries, mercenaries and wanderers call only one place home: The Path.

The company of adventurers calling themselves The Travelers Upon The Path, were originally drawn together by a lucrative opportunity as competitive treasure hunters. Then, they woke up…

Scattered back to their homelands, their lives and histories not quite what they had come to accept, they all felt a pull. A pull to a distant country, with powerful spirits of the land, surrounded by danger. A pull to strangers they somehow knew, who would walk paths to that same distant country. A pull to answers they sought, and images unbidden.

And hidden in the mountains, a white tower, long forgotten, touched by a mournful wind, and full of ancient power.

With reality not being quite what they thought, they began their journey to find answers. Finally together in the Foreign Quarter of the Rashemi town of Mulsantir, whatever direction they choose, the path awaits…

This campaign is a roughly Grey Box through 3E-era Forgotten Realms campaign, with some modified world locations and timeline events, utilizing a re-tooled D20 system. The underlying framework grew from a combination of the True20 system and the OMNI system, along with significant creation of new rules and integration of innovative new OGL ideas found in diverse variant systems such as PathFinder, StarGate d20, Trailblazer and others.

Travelers of the Path

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