Raven Clan

Shin’a’in: Raven Clan

While the Shin’a’in horseclans are, as a whole, insular and distrustful of magic, the Raven Clan are at once, more tolerant, yet deeply suspicious, of outsiders and the supernatural. Acting as the buffer between the clans and outsiders seeking their fabled steeds, the Raven are masters of trade, and keen observers of action and intent. This interaction with the outer world has granted the Raven a greater understanding of, and willingness to use, minor magic of the light. Likewise, the Raven act as stealthy infiltrators of the other clans, always on the lookout for dishonor, and corruption from the forces of Shadow and Sorcery.

  • Bonus Skill: Bluff; Ride or Sense Motive or Sneak
  • Bonus Feat (PICK ONE): Animal Empathy, Different Strokes, Sidekick (Shin’a’in Steed)
  • Favored Feats: Defensive Roll, Redirect, Intangible Armor; OR Enhance Senses

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Raven Clan

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