Scorpion Clan

Rokugan: Scorpion Clan

Infiltrators, masters of intrigue, secret police; The Scorpion Clan takes on the mantle of dishonor in individual deeds to ensure the honor of the Empire. Though open to failures of all men in the acquisition of power, in the darkest moments The Scorpion have proven loyal to the Empire no matter the cost to themselves. While fair to say that dealings with The Scorpion are treacherous, and truth among the Scorpion is a matter of perspective, none among the clans know as much, or are willing to sacrifice as much when the time comes.

  • Bonus Skill: Bluff; Disguise or Intimidate
  • Bonus Feat (PICK ONE): Assessment, Danger Sense, Light Sleeper
  • Favored Feats: Subtle Power, Called Shot, Chokehold; OR Body Control

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Scorpion Clan

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