Seraphkin (Archun, Celestians, Heaven-Born)

Seraphkin are the descendents of a truly blessed union between a mortal and a being of celestial heritage. Though seraphkin have the freedom of choice that all mortals do, they possess a strong affinity for the paths of virtue. Possessed of fine features and a magnetic personality, seraphkin are natural crusaders and champions, though often rash in action or decision-making.

  • Attribute adjustments: Maximum starting Cha +5, Maximum starting Wis +3; +1 adjustment to Cha.
  • Size: Medium (Speed 6)
  • Bonus Skill: Diplomacy, Heal
  • Bonus Feats: Night Vision, Lion Hearted
  • Favored Feats: Inspire (Choose one) and Combat Theatrics; OR Light-Shaping; OR Elemental Resistance (Choose Cold, Water or Wind). In addition, any Racial Feat with the Seraphkin descriptor is always considered a favored feat.

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